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A story told by both the designer and the viewer. 

Some people say I don't use "Art" in my designs. Conventional interior design creates "Art" in a space by using the rule of Addition. It adds colors by painting a wall a certain color or by hanging a piece of "Art" like a painting by Picasso or Pollock or some dupes and copies of these on the walls. The paintings, decor and colors are carefully selected to manipulate the essence and existence of the interior architecture. I call this approach a static design where the designer tells a story. 

In my designs, I use interactions between the space, the forms and natural and artificial lighting to create experimental art. Nature outside, the illusions created by the interaction of artificial lighting with surroundings, the relationships between vertical and horizontal planes in the space, altogether, create an experience for us, something far more valuable than the tangible stuff. Because "Art" really doesn't exist. To associate art with just a few paintings or certain styles and artists is very narrow and short-visioned. Art can be a memory, an experience, a feeling, a shape, an object and simply anything that we experience in this life. 

That's the kind of art that shifts as the viewer shifts his or her perspective, mentally and physically. The amount of light, the angle of your eyesight, your current state of mind, the shapes and forms you decide to pay attention to, the proportions, colors and textures and above all else the emotions you experience when you enter a space together shape the story. It's up to you now what you see and how you feel. You create and experience the "art" in your own way and in your own terms. You tell the story the way you wanted it to be told, no manipulation, no distraction, no agenda. Just purely your point of view. Everyone who enters this space has a unique experience. It's no longer a static design but rather a story told by both the designer and the viewer. 

Owner & Chief Creative Office: Aidin Belganeh

    Southern Methodist University BBA

    New York School of Interior Design


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